Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

The Taburno oil

Virgilio poet lived in Campania, whose tomb is in Naples, apropos of the olive, oil best of Italy Montesarchio and Mount Taburno Georgiche writes in the book: "iuvant dress Olea Magnum Taburnum".



Obtained directly and exclusively from olives of ancient olive trees on the slopes of Mount Taburno. Cold extraction.

Organoleptic description

Green with yellow tones to yellow oil, to taste, oil reiterates the olfactory with a feeling of fresh olives just picked countered, to a lesser extent, the bitter.


The sense of smell brings out the aroma of varying intensity of freshly picked olives always accompanied by hints of herbs, leaves and flowers of wild plants in the floristic groves Taburno.

Production areaMasseria Frattasi, Montesarchio, Taburno
Ground typeClay, calcium deposits and volcanic
Wineyard100% falanghina, grapes 45/120 years old
Altimetry480 meters slm
Cultivation methodEspalier
HarvestManual. Third week of November
Alcohol content14%
Serving temperature12°
Annual production6000 bottles