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The Kapnios, wine quoted by Plato (The University) and Pliny (Naturalis Historia) is the first Amarone, meaning wine withered and dry, history. The name comes from Greek capnios smoked. The vine from which the Sunni obtained these wines was also caburnica, the modern cabernet, already present in Campania three millennia ago. The drying of the grapes in the sun produces the smoky taste, hence the name greek.

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Withering in a fruit garden. Aging in new French oak barrels for 18 months and long aging in bottle.

Organoleptic description

The color is purple. The smell reminds blackberries and black currants. The taste is full and balanced with melted tannins and a long finish of roasted coffee sweetened, chocolate, tobacco and spices.

Production areaMontesarchio, Tocco, Bonea
Ground typeClay and limestone
Wineyard100% aglianico
Altimetry1960 feet above s.l.
Cultivation methodEspalier
HarvestManual control of the vineyard. First week of November
Alcohol content14%
Serving temperature18°
Annual production1000 bottles
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