What we offer

We offer you different qualities of wines to satisfy the taste of each one, Falanghina, Aglianico, Moscato, Greco, Fiano.

Riggiola Giustiniani del settecentoThe jewels of the house are called KAPNIOS, the first Aglianico vinified with the amarone system. To tell the truth, Pliny already mentioned wines with great structure and dried wines produced by the Samnites, so we did nothing but produce wines as they were already done in these lands three thousand years ago. Kapnios is made with maniacally selected grapes, ripe, then dried in outdoor fruit stores, where artificial conditioning systems are banned. The perfect dried grapes are then vinified in January, matured in oak barriques for at least two years, then they are bottled.

DONNALAURA, on the other hand, is the result of extreme harvests, not late, but frozen, when the grapes are harvested, the grapes are botrytized, the wine has a ripe, honey-like flavor, corrected by the atural fresh prodigious acidity of the falanghina.

The MOSCATO di Baselice is obtained from sapling vines, centuries old at six hundred meters above sea level, withering in the open, maturing in new woods for two years, aging in bottle for two years. But the prodigy is the Sannio grapes, all perfumes and shine.

IOVI TONAT we dedicated it to the limestone boulders of the temple of Caudium, the Samnite city that insisted in the area occupied today in Montesarchio. To thundering Jupiter, a dedication that well describes the power of these grapes, compressed in wood and then bottled for two years. All Aglianico in purity of course, and it could not be otherwise, Aglianico is a unique grape, which the whole world envies us, the best that grows in Italy.

But the four falanghina lines of the house must not make us forget the fulcrum of the Masseria Frattasi di Pasquale Clemente, the falanghina, and its two biotypes (of which we have the oldest plants). Four types of wines for all palates, three dop taburno, then mountain and a Falanghina, a Benevento IGP.