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Friday, 15 January 2016 11:06


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The Sannio is a very large region, we Baselice vineyards from the edge of the plain Neapolitan. Even the climate is very different.
The soils are very poor at times, as the skeletons clay feeding the muscat, are sometimes marl with volcanic dust, such as land Taburno, Falanghina and who claim to an infinite variety of white grapes, sometimes unknown.

Campania is the region with the highest number of grape varieties, and was the first region that has known viticulture in Western Europe. The varieties bells were then spread to other regions, as well as methods of vinification of vines, as the drying of grapes on mats and subsequent winemaking.

Montesarchio, home to most of the land company, the farm of the eighteenth century and the modern winery was the capital of Sannio caudino, where the Romans won a battle and then were the subject of the most horrific genocide in history.

In soils under the farm digging for the work they came out of jars with a capacity of two hundred pounds, where the wine was stored in wineries Roman. Immediately I began to imitate our ancestors, and we have three pitchers mature fate of Falanghina, to get Falernum traditional. In a few year we will trade.

The continental climate of the winter, combined with the breezes that come from the mountain has been chosen for the cultivation of the vine from all the peoples of the Mediterranean.
An old tradition.